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Berlin is walking history. Wherever you go, you will come face to face with German, European and world history.

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Prewar Berlin

Prewar Berlin
From Nikolai quarter, Berlin's charming cradle with Ephraim-Palais and Nikolai church, to the buildings of the era when the city was the Prussian residence of king Frederick the Great, and later, the imperial capital under Kaiser Wilhelm I, to the scars of World War II and the division of Germany: let yourself be captivated by the magic of famed "Unter den Linden", Berlin's famous grand boulevard and the favourite urban promenade for Berliners, with the State Opera, the Armory, and the Palace of the Crown Prince. Furthermore, we will visit Wilhelmstrasse, once the center of German politics, as well as beautiful Gendarmenmarkt and famous Friedrichstrasse, the shopping mile in the immediate vicinity. Also, we will visit the Berlin of architect Karl-Friedrich Schinkel with his masterworks of Prussian classicism, and many other sights.

New Berlin

New Berlin
The history of architecture in Berlin is one of constant metamorphosis. Since the fall of the Wall, prominent international architects have given the city a complete facelift and created an entirely new cityscape for Berlin resulting in numerous experimental and spectacular building projects. Besides magical Potsdamer Platz, which has again become a gravitational center of new Berlin, we will visit the new Central Railway Station, the government quarter with the Federal chancellery, and the glass dome atop the Reichstag, which offers breathtaking panoramic views, and has become one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. However, the appeal and allure of new Berlin is not primarily architectural, but rather, attributable to the dramatic changes in the atmosphere of the city: Today's Berlin is a relaxed, vibrant, optimistic capital, which is characterized by an unbridled curiosity about what is to come. We invite you to experience the comeback of Berlin as a world-class city!

Jewish Berlin

Jewish Berlin
We are proud to offer thematic city tours which deal with the dramatic and varied history of Jewish life in Berlin, which will provide a fascinating overview of over 300 years of the history of the Jewish community in the city. Highlights of this tour include visits to the New Synagogue in Oranienburger Strasse, the Jewish Museum, and the Holocaust-Memorial.


From Wilhelminian Berlin, named after the German Emperors Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II, with its grand and prestigious buildings, to Potsdamer Platz as a focal point of new Berlin, and as a metaphor for the modern metropolis of the 21st century: we will visit the buildings designed and built by Frank O.Gehry, Sir Norman Foster, Santiago Calatrava, Jean Nouvel, I.M. Pei, Daniel Libeskind, Helmut Jahn, Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, Christian de Portzamparc etc. We will show you all the major architectural innovations, from the grandiose masterpieces of contemporary architecture to the more mediocre examples, as well as buildings that truly missed the mark.

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Strolling along Friedrichstrasse

Strolling along Friedrichstrasse
Nowadays, the southern stretch of this famous street in the eastern part of the city presents a modern urban image which is just as attractive and vibrant as its counterpart in the western part of the city, the boulevard Kurfürstendamm, which is an upscale mecca for sophisticated shoppers. Visually and with regard to prices as well, the highlights of this classy shopping mile are the French luxury department store Galeries Lafayette and the Friedrichstadtpassagen: three temples of consumption in art deco-style, which are connected by underground passageways. They exude an incomparable cosmopolitan flair and a new sense of 21-century urbanity.

Gendarmenmarkt - The French part of Berlin

The Gendarmenmarkt -The French part of Berlin
Gendarmenmarkt is widely regarded as the most beautiful square in Berlin.This well-proportioned and harmonious ensemble consisting of the Concert Hall, the German and the French cathedrals, serves as a striking example of a rare occurence in architectural history-a unique jewel of self-contained urban and architectural design.

The French cathedral was erected for the Huguenots, who were granted refuge as Protestant refugees from France in the 17th and 18th centuries. Being skilled craftsmen and merchants they enriched Berlin economicaly and culturally, and last but not least, linguistically and - above all - with their culinary traditions - after all, the famous Berliner Boulette ( from the Frenchword "la boulette", little meatball ) originated with the Huguenots, as well as many other expressions such to Fisimatenten, Kinkerlitzchen, Malheur etc.

Gendarmenmarkt - an oasis of harmony and tranquility in the midst of a vibrant neighbourhood.

Germany’s chequered past

Stand over Hitler´s Bunker
The downfall of Goebbels and his family
Holocaust Memorial: The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
The remains of the SS and Gestapo Headquarters: the epicentre of evil where the Nazis planned the stalags and the Holocaust, see the torture chambers
Bebelplatz – scene of the Nazi bookburning
Göring’s Ministry of the German Air Force
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
The Berlin Wall and former „deathstrip“
Checkpoint Charlie: a defining moment in post-war history, it is here where the Cold War started with American and Russian tanks facing each other in 1961

Classical Prussian Berlin

The German state of Prussia has long passed into history. Nevertheless, it still arouses strong and conflicting emotions, until today it is a source of fascination and controversy. Sign up for a trip into the past:
The rise and fall of Prussia
Frederick the Great: the iconic exponent of Prussia’s glory
William II: the tragic Emperor who epitomizes Prussia’s downfall
Architectural gems by K. F. Schinkel, Prussia’s master builder

Modern Berlin

See the 21st century architectural marvels on Potsdamer Platz or in the new diplomatic district, visit the new government precinct, the Holocaust Memorial, the Jewish Museum, the new Berlin Main Station and many other architectural highlights by the world’s most renowned architects such to Frank O.Gehry, Sir Norman Foster, Santiago Calatrava, Jean Nouvel, I.M. Pei, Daniel Libeskind, Helmut Jahn, Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, Christian de Portzamparc etc.

For the tec-savvy and devotees of technopolis: cruise the highway of Gizmo City with our grand wizard of gadgetology. We’ll take you to all the tec-stores, from the most sophisticated Sony store at Potsdamer platz to the run-of-the mill shops at Alexanderplatz and Kurfürstendamm.

For the design aficionados: sign up for a shopping spree on the Spree (Berlin’s river), a tour to the high-end destinations such to KADEWE or Galeries Lafayette, the temples of luxury, or along Kurfürstendamm, the Golden Mile for those with a passion for fashion, the fashionistas and the style victims, here the discerning shoppers will find everything in the flagship stores of the renowned brand names.

Shop till you drop and splash cash at KADEWE, the biggest department store on the European continent, the stock-in-trade on the 6th floor is really vertiginious and breathtaking, you can choose between 1.200 different kinds of cheeses or an array of 1.500 of sausages, meats cold cuts, sea food etc.

But you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to enjoy a first class stay in Berlin.

The ultimate accolades are for Fassbender and Rausch, Europe’s first and only chocolate restaurant and department store. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a must-see, must-taste and must-buy, the feel-good factor is bound to rise immediately the moment you enter this store/restaurant.

You can opt for these sights

Berlin Cathedral
Brandenburg Gate
Charlottenburg Palace
Checkpoint Charlie
City Hall
Cultural Forum
Deutsches Technikmuseum
East Side Gallery
Emperor William Memorial Church
Europe Center
French Cathedral
German Cathedral
Gestapo Headquarters
Hackesche Höfe
Holocaust Memorial
Humboldt University
Museum Island
New Guard
Nikolai Church
Nikolai Quarter
Olympic Stadium
Palace of Princesses
Pariser Platz
Philharmonic Hall
Potsdamer Platz
Pleasure Garden
Prenzlauer Berg
Radio Tower
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
Soviet War Memorial
State Opera
The Berlin Wall
TV Tower
Unter den Linden
Victory Column
Zeughaus (former armory)


Gardens and palaces of Sanssouci, New Palace
Orangerie, Charlottenhof
Chinese tea house
The Dutch Quarter


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