When the "Berlin Fashion Week" began in 2007, critics mocked that Berlin was a slum or, at best, a suburb of Paris in the world of fashion. Today, the German capital has established itself alongside Paris, Milan and London as the new metropolis of European fashion.

Text: Alessandra Almeida

Twice a year, in January and July, the city of Berlin becomes the stage of international fashion style and the catwalk for fashionistas, retailers, fashion critics and, of course, all journalists and media representatives who report on the event and everything that happens behind the scenes of the shows that take place during the fair and also the celebrities and VIPs who circulate there. The highlights of the Berlin Fashion Week in January and July are the Mercedes-Benz shows on the Street of the 17th of June next to the Brandenburg Gate.
Here is our updated list of Berlin's fashion scene.

Fashion in Berlim: Michalsky


Michael Michalsky is one of Germany's most influential fashion designers. He is a protagonist in the high fashion segment and combines classic styles with streetwear influences. The result offers discreet luxury and an urban touch for cosmopolitan customers who appreciate the combination of quality, tradition and current trends.
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Potsdamer Platz 4
10785 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Temporary Showroom

Temporary Showroom

Temporary Showroom is a store located in the Mitte neighbourhood and a fashion agency that organizes design related events, the store also displays creations of the most important designers.

Kastanienallee 36A
10435 Berlin


Nix Design is a Berlin-based company that produces contemporary collections and wearables in high quality twice a year. Nix Design works with business partners who support and share the philosophy of sustainability and diversity and only uses selected and environmentally friendly materials.

Oranienburger Straße 32
10117 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: NIX


The shop offers customers the collections of the Majaco company and also a selection of the Danish brand PartTwo and the Spanish company Nice Things, as well as accessories and jewellery from Becksöndergaard Copenhagen, MYNUKA Berlin, Hamburg and Skumkantarell and Hanna Pordzik Berlin.

Fehrbelliner Str. 24
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Majaco
Fashion in Berlim: Dawid Tomaszewski

Dawid Tomaszewski

Dawid Tomaszewski is the youngest acclaimed talent in Berlin's fashion scene. Recognized as the youngest master by the German edition of the prestigious Vogue magazine, the designer finalizes each of his dresses by hand.

Wilmersdorferstr. 41
10627 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis' shop is a small gem located right in the creative heart of Berlin. Women's fashion, accessories, decorative objects, furniture and everything else a dedicated follower of art and fashion can dream of.

Potsdamer Straße 81E
10785 Berlin


Firm is the name of the brand created by Daniela Biesenbach and Carl Tillessen. The two came together in 1997 when they only designed men's fashion, in 2006, they presented the first women's fashion collection, with a strong male fashion influence.

Mulackstraße 1
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Firma


After studying in New York, Milan and the Netherlands, designer Stephanie Franzius decided to set up her own business in Berlin. Her creations are based on the play between volume and fabric always looking for a perfect adaptation to the female body. Franzius also works as a freelance stylist for film and photography.

Lilli Hennoch Str. 17
10509 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Franzius
Fashion in Berlim: F.Rau


Martina Rau is the director and fashion creator of the F.rau brand. Her collections pursue a fashion that adapts to the needs of today's women, without losing the innovation and good cut of clothes.

Gormannstraße 7
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Perret Schaad

Perret Schaad

Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad are the creators of the Perret Schaad brand. They were invited in 2010 to participate in the Berlin Fashion Week for the first time. The following year they received the best reviews of the entire fashion show. Perret Schaad is based on an elegant and classic style without falling for the banal.

Greifenhagenerstr. 17
10437 Berlin


Nanna Kuckuck creates haute couture fashion and gala dresses for an ample clientele in Berlin. Her personalized service, the meticulous selection of fabrics and colours have made this fashion creator a famous and well-known personality in the German fashion scene.

Bleibtreustraße 52
10623 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Nanna Kuckuck

The Corner

The Corner is a luxury store dedicated to the promotion of distinctive styles, it features a sophisticated selection of high-end fashion and avant-garde brands for men and women. It is a store and, at the same time, a creative platform for designers such as ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, BALENCIAGA, BALMAIN, BAMFORD, CELINE, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN
Französische Straße 40
10117 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: the corner
Fashion in Berlim: Filippa K

Filippa K

Filippa K is the Scandinavian fashion brand with a design and style that breathes simplicity and quality. Filippa K is sold in more than 20 international markets around the world.

Kurfürstendamm 29
10719 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Claudia Skoda

Claudia Skoda

Claudia Skoda is one of Berlin's most famous and influential knitting designers. For over 35 years, she has been reinventing herself and keeps surprising the world of fashion with new ideas.

Mulackstraße 8
10119 Berlin


Bless is the artistic and commercial name used by Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag. Although the store is in Berlin, they usually work outside and collaborate on several projects with international designers. The brand's style has been considered one of the most innovative in recent years.

Oderberger Straße 60
10435 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Bless


Ettina Berríos-Negrón has a special sense for detecting new talents. Owner of the Konk shop, she is personally responsible for always bringing new international fashion trends and accessories to Berlin.

Kleine Hamburger Straße 15
10117 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Konk
Fashion in Berlim: Potipoti


Potipoti was founded by the Spanish designers Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo who are living in Berlin. The prints and the graphic details, characteristic of their style, have made the brand one of the most promising in Berlin.

Rosenthaler Straße 66
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Sopopular


Under the name of Sopopular, Daniel Blechman launches men's fashion creations. His collections have always been much-talked about highlights at the Berlin Fashion Week. Sopopular seeks to reinvent the casual aesthetics of youth style by giving it a formal touch.

Ritterstr. 3
10969 Berlin

Frida Weyer

Frida Weyer's collections shine like the glamorous light of a great event. The fancy robes are based on evening dresses and sets for cocktail parties and other formal encounters. Meticulously worked, the dresses feature the application of stones and fine fabrics such as silk.

Zwinglistraße 34
10555 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Frida Weyer

Kaviar Gauche

Johanna Kühl and Alexandra Fischer-Roehler are the founders of the Kaviar Gauche brand which is known for changing the concept of luxury fashion. Their creations can be seen very often in magazines like Elle, Vogue or Interview.

Linienstraße 44
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Kaviar Gauche
Fashion in Berlim: Kilian Kerner

Kilian Kerner

Killian Kerner innovates luxury fashion with unconventional creations, the blend of various materials alongside original and asymmetrical cuts give their clothes a touch of innovation and authenticity.

Herkomerstr. 6
12435 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Adddress


Adddress is the name of the brand curated by Andreea Vrajitoru, the highly-gifted creator of women's fashion with several stores in the best shopping areas of Berlin. The brand's main characteristic is to offer an elegant style that is discreet at the same time.

Weinmeisterstraße 12
10178 Berlin


For Kim Berit Heppelmann fashion is a kind of mesmerizing architecture for the female body. Her collections present themselves as true works of art that always adapt to the skin.

Reichenbergerstraße 72a
10999 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Kimberit

Lala Berlin

Leila Piedayesh once said that "things are only good if they are pleasant to touch", she applied this philosophy to all her creations in women's fashion. For this reason, her clothes are not only beautiful but above all comfortable.

Mulackstraße 7
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: Lala Berlim
Fashion in Berlim: C’est tout

C’est tout

Fashion designer Katja Will made the phrase "C'est tout" not only the trade name but also the brand's motto stating that "everything that makes a woman feel good should be comfortable". She was the style director at MTV and chose Berlin to be her source and center of inspiration. The clothes are characterized by elegance and comfort.

Mulackstraße 26
10119 Berlin

Fashion in Berlim: C.neeon


Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz are the founders of the group C.neeon. They are one of the best-known fashion designers in Berlin. In addition to their fashion collections, they still exhibit their creations in several international art galleries.

Kastanienallee 55
10119 Berlin


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